Switch Kit

Changing where you bank can be a big pain in the…well, it can be a hassle.  We’ve tried to make that hassle a little easier by including step-by-step instructions, along with pertinent forms, to print out and complete.  If you want additional assistance, don’t hesitate to stop by and ask!  We’ll be glad to help you un-bank (that’s what we call leaving a bank for a credit union) and welcome you into the Encentus Family!

Step 1)   TO SWITCH LIST:  a list to help you get organized and make sure all your financial stuff gets switched.  Remember to leave enough in your old account to clear outstanding checks and withdrawals.  Then, stop using that old account.  Destroy ununsed checks and old ATM / debit cards.  Are you a member of Encentus yet?  If not, join the credit union by completing the Membership Application on our website ("Become a Member" link located under Shortcuts on the Homepage) or complete this paper form and return it to us.

Step 2)  AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE DIRECT DEPOSIT:  complete this form and give it to your payroll office.  If you receive a government benefit, such as social security or VA payments, complete this GOVERNMENT BENEFITS FORM and forward to the appropriate agency or return to Encentus FCU.  If you would like to have your deposit split between savings, checkings, loans, and even your kids' accounts, click here for our Payroll Distribution Form.  Send the distribution form to Encentus. 

Step 3)  AUTHORIZATION TO CHANGE AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL:  complete this form to move these withdrawals to your Encentus account.  Consider cancelling the automatic withdrawal altogether and using our free bill pay service instead.  Bill pay provides reminders, suggestions for bills you may have forgotten to pay, and is easy to use!  Best of all, putting all your bills in one place makes budgeting easier!  Join our bill pay service by clicking on the Bill Pay tab after you've logged into Virtual Branch.

Step 4)  AUTHORIZATION TO CLOSE ACCOUNT:  complete this form after all your outstanding items have cleared your old accounts.  Be sure to shred old checks and destroy ATM / debit cards.

Step 5)  Double check your "To Switch List" to make sure you've done everything needed to get switched.  You may even want to go over a month or two of history from your old checking account to make sure you didn't forget anything.  Review Step 5 on the "To Switch List" for other Encentus services to consider!

Step 6)  WELCOME TO ENCENTUS FCU!!!  We can't wait to serve you!