Don't Miss Out on the Savings!

Beginning August 1, rates start at 1.45% APR/1.46% APY (24 mo. term) and 1.75% APR/1.76% APY (36 mo. term).  The following bonuses can INCREASE your rate even further:

• 0.10% APR added if you open a CD of $25,000 or more
• 0.10% APR added if you have an active* share draft account. 

With these bonuses*, you could max out your CD rate as follows:

• 24-month CDs as high as 1.65% APR/1.66% APY
• 36-month CDs as high as 1.95% APR/1.96% APY

Of course there are some limitations, so please review those at the end of this article. We can’t afford to offer these kinds of rates for long, so please contact the member services department today if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment. Email or call 918-430-3500 ext.111



*The following limitations apply to this offer:

1.  Share draft account must have been used at least 5 times within the last 30 days to be considered active and qualify for this bonus.
2.  The additional bonus applies only to 24 and 36-month CDs and with new money deposited into the credit union.
3.  This offer can be terminated without notice.