How About a Staycation?

Having lived in Tulsa most of or all of your life, you may not remember all of the great attractions that exist within a short drive. The real bonus is that you'll save a ton of money on lodging and food because you're staying at your own place! Here are our top 5 attractions for a Tulsa staycation (narrowing it to 5 is really difficult!)

  • #5. Woodward Park - This park is located in Midtown Tulsa, surrounded by grand neighborhoods and within close proximity to Utica Square for shopping and dining. It's an ideal place for a breath of fresh air and beauty! Make sure you check out the Linnaeus Garden while you are there.


  • #4. Woody Guthrie Center - This is a fun place to visit and learn about now only Woody Guthrie and his music, but also about Oklahoma during the dust bowl era. This museum is entertaining and engaging with it's interactive displays. View original hand written lyrics by Woody Guthrie, and experience the dust bowl with the virtual reality dust bowl storm exhibit.


  • #3. The Cave House - Enjoy an hour long tour for $10 of this mysterious looking house off of Charles Page Boulevard. Make sure to call in advance to book your tour! Many great artifacts and history are within the home, you will not leave disappointed.


  • #2. Gilcrease Museum - It's hard to decide which exhibit is the best! Gilcrease offers paintings, artifacts, and media from all around the world. Enjoy lunch at the Gilcrease and a stroll around the beautifully maintained grounds.


  • #1. Philbrook Museum of Art - This museum is immaculately curated, and the grounds are stunning. Make sure you set aside enough time to explore the entire villa and grounds. Make a pit stop at Kitchen 27 for a bite to eat. You do not want to miss this Tulsa gem!!

Honorable Mentions: Tulsa Performing Arts Center, ONEOK Field, and the BOK Center.