We are Raising CD Rates Even Higher!

Do you have an extra $500+ that you won't need to use soon? A certificate is the perfect way to use your money knowing you'll be earning top dollar. Encentus FCU gives you an even better interest rate on your money than you would get in a savings account!

Certificates are often referred to as CDs. Almost all banks offer certificates, but with an Encentus FCU certificate , you'll get a rate of return that is above industry averages. It's a safe investment, and even if you need to withdraw the money before you expect, there are minimal withdraw penalties.

Don't miss out on these phenomenal rates!

Choose from a variety of flexible terms:


•3 months at 0.75% APR / 0.75% APY
•6 months at 0.90% APR / 0.90% APY
•12 months at 1.25% APR / 1.25% APY
•18 months at 1.40% APR / 1.41% APY
•24 months at 1.65% APR / 1.66% APY
•30 months at 1.80% APR / 1.81% APY
•36 months at 2.05% APR / 2.06% APY


Contact Tony at 918-430-3500 ext.111 to open your new CD, or visit us at our office!