Encentus FCU offers a variety of ways for you to access and manage your money.  Do you need to project how long it will take you to save a certain amount of money?  Try our free calculators.  Do you want to go paperless?  We have a ton of    e-services!  Do you have a car to sell?  We offer a place to list it on our website!   Check out all of our services under our “Manage” pages!

Everything is online or on your phone today.  And so are we!  Whether you like the convenience of e-services or are trying to do what you can for the environment by limiting the amount of paper waste, we’ve got a way to help!

Virtual Branch is easy to use and gives you access to so much!  There are several tabs inside Virtual Branch.  Here’s what they all do!

  • Overview – gives you an overview of all your accounts (including those you are joint on) and their balances. You will be able to see a snapshot of recent history on the accounts. You will be able to see any Alerts and Schedule Transfers from this page as well. To top it off, you can make quick transfers from your accounts on the home page too!
  • Account Access – Gives you an option to view the history or details on each of your accounts. When you click on an account, you will be able to see your e-statements, set account alerts, transfer funds, and export/print transactions. Within this tab, you will be able to access more tabs: 
  • Transfer Funds – Move money around in this tab.  Transfer money to your children, move money into your checking from your savings, or make a loan payment here!
  • Scheduled Transfers- View any of your future scheulded transfers 
  • Transfer History - View the history of previous transfers made. 
  • Account to Account Transfer - Transfer funds to or from at ANY financial institution. You are limited to $1,000 per transfer, and you can transfer up to $2,000 per day. You may not exceed $5,000 in transfers per week. Outgoing A2A's are a $1.50 fee, and incoming A2A's are $1.00 fee. 
  • History Search - Search your account history for a specific time frame or check number. 
  • Bill Pay –  Once you agree to the terms and conditions page, you will go directly to bill pay when you click on this tab.  Read more about Bill Pay.
  • Popmoney - allows you to send or receive money to or from anyone using only their name and their email address or mobile phone number. The money is sent and received directly from your payment account to their account.
Send Money      
  Fee Limit per day Limit per 30 days
Debit card $0.95 $500 $1,000
Bank account $0.95 $2,000 $5,000


Request Money      
  Fee Limit per Day Limit per 30 days
Send a request $0.95 $1,000 $2,500
Pay a request Free $2,500 $4,000


  • Encompass This is our Personal Financial Management site.  Read more about Encompass.
  • Self Service - From within tis tab, you will be able to view alerts, additional services, and make requests. The following options are within the Self Service tab.
    • Alerts – Did you know Virtual Branch can notify you via email when your balance is low or when a particular check clears?  Other alerts and reminders are available, too, and you can set them up in this box!
    • Additional Services - View your e-statements and edit your e-statement preferences from within this link. Click e-notices to sign up for the credit union to email you your applicable notices. Click Mobility to sign up for Mobile Banking. 
    • Member Requests - From here you can access quick links for check reorders,  check stop pays, statement reprints, and check copies. You can also apply for a loan. Apply for any type or amount right from this form.  Our loan officer is notified immediately via email that your application is waiting!

At the top right hand corner, you can click on several different icons. 

  • Envelope - This is probably the best way to contact our staff.  It’s a secure email, so we know who we are talking with and can provide more information than through regular email.
  • Lock - Change your password or logon ID here. You can also change secuirty questions and the secuirty phrase. 
  • Gear - Set your Virtual Branch preferences, update your personal information (this updates your information with us immediately!), and look at your account listing. 
  • X - Logs you out of the virtual branch. 


Our mobile app, Branch@Hand is located in both iTunes and Google Play Stores. 

Within the mobile app, members can check balances, transfer funds and deposit checks!

Log into the app with the same username and password you would use for online banking.

Within your Branch@Hand mobile app, you can deposit checks.  Snap a picture of your check with your phone and deposit it from the comfort of your home or even while you’re on vacation!  Checks will be deposited within hours of uploading them to Branch@Hand. Just make sure the picture is clear and that you write your account number with the wording "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back of the check. Normal hold policies will be applied to each check deposited on the mobile app, so please check your available balance carefully before spending.

If you need a hold released on a large check, please request special approval by contacting member services at 918-430-3500 ext.111.

Our Personal Financial Management site is located inside Virtual Branch.  This can be helpful if you want to set savings goals, monitor spending, and just get a better grip on your finances.  You can also set up accounts at other financial institutions on this tab so you can monitor spending in multiple accounts from one location!

Our bill pay is located inside Virtual Branch.  It is easy to use, will accept e-bills, and will send you notices when important things happen!  You can even set up a transfer to your account at another financial institution or make a payment to a friend!  When you click on the Bill Pay tab, the main page shows you an easy to read list of frequently used merchants. At the top of the page you will see the following options: Set Up/Change Payments, Quick Pay, Scheduled Payments, Payment Calendar, Payment History, and Merchant Accounts. 

Before scheduleing a payment, you must add your merchant from the Merchant Accounts Tab. If you would like for this merchant to appear on your main billpay page, check the "Frequently Used Merchant" box. 

Once the merchant is entered, you can schedule a payment on the Set Up/Change Payments tab. Once scheduled, you can review the payment on the "Scheduled Payments" tab. 


Our e-statements are accessed via Virtual Branch.  If you get tired of sorting through all that mail at home, sign up for e-statements.  You’ll still receive all the notices of promotions and new things happening at Encentus, you’ll just get all of it electronically!