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What is a credit union?

Not-for-profit credit union provide the same products and services as banks, but with unmatched service, convenience and cost.  Not to mention we return our earnings to members rather than investors.  This means better rates and better service.

Credit unions are cooperatives.  A cooperative belongs to the people who use it and operates solely for the members’ benefit.  Each member of a credit union has one vote in the selection of a board of director, regardless of the size of the member’s account balance.

Cooperatives include:

  • Open and voluntary membership
  • Democratic member control
  • Member economic participation

Who can join Encentus?

If you are a healthcare professional in Oklahoma, you qualify for membership at Encentus FCU.  A healthcare professional includes doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and nurses, of course, but it also includes a doctor’s secretary or a hospital janitor or cafeteria worker, or even someone who sells medical equipment, for example.  If you are exclusively working in a healthcare industry operating in Oklahoma, you are in our field of membership.  Actually, we go even further than that, because your immediate family members can also join!

Do I have to pay dues to be a member?

Absolutely not!  We are not a union, so when you pay your one time $1 membership fee and deposit the minimum $5 in your share (savings) account, you are a member for life.  That's where the term, "once a member, always a member" comes from.  Let's say you are a brain surgeon who decides to follow his dream of coaching basketball.  Well, if you were a member while you were a brain surgeon, you can continue to be a member as a coach.  Once you qualify for membership and join, then you can stay forever as long as you keep that $5 in your share account.

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

It only takes $5.00 to open up a share account. Checking accounts require a deposit of $25.00. There is a onetime fee of $1.00 when you join Encentus.

How do I establish automatic payments, credits or debits to/from my account?

If you have electronic (ACH) payments, credits or debits being made to your account from a merchant or other financial institution, such as Social Security deposits, dividend payments, or utility bill payments, please notify that merchant or institution of your account number (located on the bottom of your check — but leave off that last digit!) and our routing number. Encentus FCU’s Routing Number: 303986229

Does Encentus FCU offer wire transfers?

Yes. Encentus FCU members can wire funds to and from their Encentus FCU accounts. To wire money to your Encentus FCU account, simply provide the other institution with these instructions:

Incoming Wires
Send to Catalyst FCU: 311990511
Further Credit to Encentus FCU: 303986229
Final Credit to Member Account: Full savings/checking number

What is the difference between my available balance and my current balance?

The available balance is your current balance less any items that are on hold.  On hold items include checks you have deposited that were placed on hold, as well as any pre-approved debit card purchases that have not yet cleared your account.  Your available balance represents the amount you can spend without incurring an NSF fee.  The current balance shows your balance, without subtracting items on hold.

Why was my check put on hold?

We put checks on hold more for your protection than for ours.  If you deposit a check and spend those funds only to have the check returned as NSF or fraudulent later, you are still responsible for repaying those funds.  People often think because they didn’t know the check was fraudulent, they won’t have to worry about it.  That’s just not the case.  The resulting negative balance in your account is still your responsibility to repay.

To avoid putting our members in that situation, we look for several things when a check is deposited.  The main reason we will place a hold is that the check is large, typically over $1,000.  The first $225 will almost always be made available immediately unless your account is less than 30 days old or if we have reason to suspect the check could be fraudulent.  Upon request, we can try to verify funds on the check you are depositing, but banks are less and less likely to provide this information.  In these cases, we have to place a hold on the check unless you already have a compensating balance in your account.

Some checks, including insurance checks, are ripe for fraud and require an automatic 5 day hold.  If our teller has placed a hold on a check, you can inquire about the reason and get an explanation from us.  Please clear up any confusion about the check, if that’s an issue.  Try to remember, though, we are just trying to protect you and are following internal procedures.

What ATMs can I use for free?

You can use any QuikTrip, Kum-n-Go, or Encentus ATM at no charge, unless you’ve exceeded the maximum amount of ATM withdrawals for your account type.  You have 10 free ATM withdrawals per month.

Our ATMs are located at St. John Medical Centers (Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Owasso), Cancer Treatment Center of America in Tulsa, and at our main office at 1320 S Lewis Ave. 

Does Encentus FCU have a notary?

Yes, we provide free notary services to all members at our main branch.

When and how is my Club Account disbursed?

Club account disbursements can either be transferred to your regular share account or sent via check to your home address.  It’s your choice!  Christmas Club balances are disbursed on October 10th of each year, and Vacation Clubs on May 10th.

If I bring in a lot of coins, do I have to use the coin counter?

Unfortunately, yes.  Even if you’ve counted and wrapped the coin, we require all substantial coin deposits to go through the coin counter.  This is because of the time involved in counting our change.  Our coin counter counts it for us accurately and efficiently.  Before we had the coin counter, we had long lines develop as tellers tried to count enormous amounts of change. 

How much does the coin counter charge?

Our coin counter currently charges 3% of the balance.  But watch for special promotions, such as back-to-school time, when we waive that fee!

How do I use the coin counter?

Before you arrive, sort through your change.  Look for 50 cent and dollar pieces.  Our coin counter will reject those, but you should go ahead and pull those out if possible.  Also look for non-coin items.  You would be surprised at what has rejected from the coin counter.  We’ve found fishing lures, batteries, safety pins, and a variety of other things people have had in their pockets along with their change!  While these items are typically rejected from the machine safely, they can also cause the machine to fault or even cause damage to the internal counters.

Avoid putting coin in old liquor bottles or anything that might be sticky unless it’s been thoroughly cleaned.  Sticky coins are the main reason for errors and require us to clean our machine daily.

What information do I need before I apply for a loan?

Our loan application will ask you for your basic information as well as what kind of debts you currently have. You may fill the loan application out online or in person at one of our branches. Once approved, you will be asked to verify your income, typically with the last couple of paystubs you received.  If you are requesting an auto loan, we will need a purchase agreement from a dealership or a car title if you are purchasing from an owner.

Enstant Loans require a $15.00 nonrefundable application fee. You must also be a member for at least 3 months to qualify for an Enstant Loan.