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Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2021

The following fees & limitations may be assessed against your account:

A2A transfer (incoming/outgoing) $1.00 / $1.50
A2A NSF fee $30.00
Account activity printout, reprint of statement $2.00 per statement period
Account research and/or balancing assistance ($20 deposit required) $10.00 per hour / minimum one hour
Account closed within 60 days of opening $5.00
ATM balance inquiry $1.00 per inquiry
ATM card or Visa® debit card (1st card free) $5.00 for each replacement or additional card
ATM withdrawals (10 free per month) $1.00 for each additional withdrawal
Balance inquiry by telephone $1.00 per inquiry
Bill pay (if no activity for 3 months) $5.95 per month
Collection item (incoming) $10.00 or half of draft, whichever is less
Copy of draft $2.00 per draft
Counter draft (Cashiers Check) payable to 3rd party (EZ Green/Teen) $2.00 per item
Courtesy pay fee (per item) $29.50
Deposited checks (and other items) returned unpaid (excluding international deposits—see later in fee schedule) $5.00
Dormant fee
An account is considered dormant if for 24 months, no withdrawal or deposits, other than credited dividends, have been made to the account and your account statements have been returned for an incorrect address.
Draft printing (must be business checks) Depends on style and quantity ordered
Excessive withdrawal fee (regular share types 01 & 02 only) $1.00 (after 3 withdrawals in one month)
International check deposit Minimum of $35—based on fees incurred
International check deposit return fee Minimum of $35—based on fees incurred
Membership entrance fee $1.00
Money order (EZ Green/Teen) $2.00
Insufficient funds (each)
Transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are those made by any of the following means: share draft, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means.
P2P $0.95
Paper statement fee $2.00/month
Fax $2.00 per page
Photocopy $2.00 per page
Reopening fee $5.00
Returned mail $5.00 per item
Service charge (Rewards Blue-without Direct Deposit) $3.00
Service charge (Premier only if avg daily balance falls below $500) $5.00
Stop payments (each) $15.00
Transfer of funds (automatically or through ATM transaction) from any account to another account (fee charged to deposit account with a limit of 6 per month if a share account) $5.00
Wire transfers (incoming/outgoing/international) $10/$15/$32

The following fees are related to specific share types as indicated:

An early withdrawal fee of $2.00 per withdrawal will be charged to your Club Savings account for each withdrawal outside of the grace period (generally 30 days after the payout date for each club type). This fee will not be imposed if the account is closed within 7 days of opening.