Enstant Loans

Enstant loans are the Encentus version of a payday loan.  We won’t pull a new credit report (but we may reference one if we have one already on file).  Instead, we review your checking account to make sure you haven’t gone over your overdraft protection limit or left your account negative for more than 30 days.  We also check to see if payday loans are a common source of funding for you based on your checking account activity.  We do this because we don’t want to make your financial situation worse!  Because we don’t pull your credit report, these loans come with a higher interest rate, a non-refundable application fee, and a short term.

  • Credit Lines up to $2,000
  • Terms as long as 12 months
  • Interest rate of 28% APR
  • Non-refundable application fee of $20 (Due at time of application)

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