Signature Loans

A signature loan does not require collateral.  As you might expect, the interest on signature loans is slightly higher than other loans, such as a car loan for example.  However, at Encentus, our signature loan rates are very reasonable and certainly lower than you will find at any bank!

Personal Line of Credit

A Line of Credit is a pre-approved loan amount (called a credit line) that you can use, pay down, and use again.  You can access your Personal Line of Credit by writing a check, using your debit card, or by transferring funds via Virtual Branch or our mobile app. 

  • Credit Lines up to $20,000/member (or $40,000 for a joint application)
  • Rates starting at 14.49% APR

Personal Loan

Unlike a line of credit you can pay down and access again and again, a Personal Loan is a one-time advance.  People typically request Personal Loans for unforeseen expenses or to consolidate credit cards.

  • Credit Lines up to $20,000/member (or $40,000 for a joint application)
  • Rates starting at 13.99% APR

Credit Cards

You may not think of a credit card as a signature loan, but that’s exactly what it is:  a signature line of credit you access from just about anywhere with your Encentus Mastercard®.

  • Credit Lines up to $20,000/member  
  • Rates starting at 10.90% APR

View our credit card Terms and Conditions.

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